As an author, speaker, and guide for creative professionals, I examine emerging technologies through a humanistic lens. With a degree in Applied Arts and Media, my mission is to help creatives navigate the AI revolution with resilience.

In my book, Survive Creative Evolution, I aim to help readers overcome automation anxiety and embrace human gifts like imagination and critical thinking. I believe that by taking responsibility to ensure ethics guides AI’s rapid development, we can forge an inspiring future.

My thoughtful works grapple with the monumental questions arising as workplaces transform. Drawing on research and grounded wisdom, I offer proven techniques – like mindfulness, social connection, and self-care – for surviving and thriving amidst uncertainty.

Just as new opportunities arose when past innovations like the internet eliminated jobs, I help guide creatives to tap into their passion and unique gifts to navigate change. By embracing our collective “divine creativity,” we can forge an uplifting future.

I find inspiration in philosophy, spirituality, and my feline writing partners, Daryl and Frank. Through speaking and writing, I hope to equip fellow creatives with resilience during this pivotal technological turning point. More than overcoming anxiety, I believe our human potential is boundless if we approach the future thoughtfully.


My mission is to guide creative professionals in harnessing AI to augment their talents, provide coping strategies, and support them to adapt and thrive amidst monumental technological shifts. I aim to spark an uplifting dialogue that empowers the human spirit and fosters inclusive communities where creatives help each other navigate workplace transformation.


At the core, my work is about empowerment—believing in the human spirit and our collective potential to uplift one another. My faith remains in the divine creativity innate to all people and cannot be replaced by machines. I strive to be a thoughtful voice, dispelling anxiety, and guiding communities through times of uncertainty with wisdom, nuance, and care.