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As a visionary public speaker, I devote myself to redefining where human creativity and AI capabilities can powerfully intertwine. Through captivating talks, I strive to equip audiences to unlock their potential, shatter perceived boundaries, and amplify their talents in an AI-driven world.

Drawing on research and real-world insights, I offer audiences proven techniques to overcome automation anxiety, rediscover innate gifts like imagination and critical thinking, and take responsibility for steering emerging tech toward positive ends.
As a speaker, I aim to spark an uplifting dialogue that ignites hope and encourages audiences to thoughtfully shape the future.

I aim to guide innovators, leaders, and creators in forging an inspiring vision where human ingenuity and AI can thrive in harmony. My talks empower listeners to awaken their creativity, push boundaries, and redefine their potential as we navigate this technological turning point together.


shannon hayner

As an acclaimed author and trusted guide, I devote myself to empowering creative professionals to thrive in the age of artificial intelligence.

Through my writing, I act as a thoughtful voice, helping creatives and innovators navigate monumental questions as emerging technologies transform societies and workplaces. Drawing on research and grounded wisdom, I offer proven strategies to overcome automation anxiety, embrace new opportunities, and rediscover the resilience of the human spirit.

We can forge an inspiring future where human imagination and AI capabilities flourish in tandem.

I find inspiration in philosophy, spirituality, and connections with fellow creatives and visionaries. My life’s work is about more than surviving change—it’s about awakening our boundless human potential as we thoughtfully shape the future together. I equip and embolden new generations of creators to navigate this magnanimous shift.

SEO Consultant

Shannon Hayner

With over seven years of experience executing comprehensive organic growth strategies, I have a proven track record of driving site traffic, conversions, and search rankings for clients.

As an SEO consultant, I employ a holistic approach to organic growth that goes beyond isolated tactics. Drawing on analytics and keyword research, I develop integrated strategies tailored to each client’s business goals, target audience, and competitive landscape.

My comprehensive SEO process focuses on optimizing content, site architecture, technical foundations, local listings, and authority-building links. I also emphasize creating shareable content that provides true value for readers.

The results speak for themselves – my clients have achieved dramatic increases in organic traffic, leads, sales, and brand visibility through our collaboration.

With a keen understanding of the latest algorithm updates and industry best practices, I thrive on staying ahead of an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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As an author and speaker on emerging technology, I offer a uniquely thoughtful perspective grounded in research and real-world insights. My interdisciplinary background in technology, arts, and media allows me to find the connective threads that speak to our shared humanity.

My writing and talks tackle monumental questions through an uplifting lens that empowers audiences. I aim to dispel anxiety around AI by providing proven techniques to adapt, evolve, and rediscover innate human gifts. While acknowledging the real challenges ahead, I speak from a place of hope in the boundless potential of the human spirit. My goal is to be a thoughtful voice reminding us of the wisdom, empathy and care needed to positively shape technological change. I strive to equip audiences with an inspired yet actionable vision for thriving amidst uncertainty.

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